Our Animal Ambassadors provoke meaningful experiences that inspire people to bring greater awareness and compassion to the ways they source, prepare, and eat food. 

Each animal has a unique and special story – here are some of them. We invite you to get to know our Animal Ambassadors in person at Member Days. You can also support by sponsoring an animal to help cover the costs of food, bedding, medical care, and treats.


Every sponsorship comes with the following:

  • Sponsorship Certificate

  • Collectible Animal Ambassador thank you Postcard

  • Recognition in our yearly Sweet Farm roundup

  • The warm and fuzzy feeling that you're making the world a better place for farmed animals!



Meet Kevin! He was born at a petting zoo. Each year petting zoos bring in a mother pig to give birth to her babies. At the end of the season, the mother and babies are returned to the farmer to be slaughtered for meat. Because of an early injury, Kevin ended up in foster care and avoided this fate. His foster mom contacted Sweet Farm and now Kevin spends his days playing in our pastures and teaching everyone how smart and lovable pigs can be. He's the first to come greet you and we think his floppy ears are just the cutest. 



Gizmo, a registered Miniature Hereford Steer, was raised by a local girl in 4-H as an animal project. 4-H provided initial funds but in an agreement that the money would be repaid upon his sale at an auction. His playful and sweet personality grew on the family and when it came time to be sold for slaughter they changed their minds. They reached out to us to help and we rallied our community to raise the thousands of dollars needed to save his life and bring him home.

Gizmo has since become one of the most popular Animal Ambassadors here on Sweet Farm where he will live out his life.  He loves to spend his days romping around in our large pastures and racing around with his two best friends, Sturgis, our resident stallion, and Paco, our carrot-loving llama.



Paco came to us from a local farm where he had been raised with multiple horses. Over time the horses passed away from old age, leaving Paco depressed and alone for the first time in his life. Recent floods caused damage to his shelter and he was attacked by a pack of dogs. It was clear this llama needed a safe space with love and lots of friends. His owner reached out to Sweet Farm and we welcomed him to his new home. Paco quickly bonded with our steer, Gizmo and Sturgis, our 33-year-old stallion. This curious and precocious llama can be found chasing friends around the pastures and forever wondering when his next carrot is coming.



Hilo was born on a nearby farm that didn't have room for another male sheep, so the Sweet Farm took him at 4 months old. Hilo was named by one of our dedicated teammates and is a hair sheep. Hair sheep are normally raised for their meat, and their coats are made of hair instead of wool. Unlike other sheep,, their hair naturally falls out instead of having to be sheared. You can usually find Hilo lounging around the pasture with his sheep and goat buddies. 



Hansi is a pretty, pink footed goose! She moved into the Sweet Farm pond when the farm where she was living on could no longer care for her. They loved her amazing personality and her unique pink feet and brought her to live with us. Hansi enjoys swimming with her girlfriend Lucy, a swan goose that was abandoned in Golden Gate park.


Piggie Smalls & Piggie Sue

These piggies came from a local family who intended on breeding pigs for their meat. However, when the babies were born they fell in love with them and realized they were no different than their family dogs. They reached out to  Sweet Farm for help. Not only were we able to  rescue these two girls, also known as sows, but we were able to place  8 more of their pigs at other rescues locations.



Argyle, a Jersey steer, was born on an organic dairy farm. As a male, was considered useless for milk production, so couldn't live on the farm. Luckily, his farmers recognized his amazing spirit and kind personality and contacted us to give him a home. He's already best buddies with Gizmo and is an amazing Ambassador for all the other male dairy cows who aren't as fortunate.


The Chicken Crew

The Sweet Farm Chicken Crew represents an eclectic and vibrant array of chicken species.   Many of our chickens are rescued from the local humane society after being neglected in backyards and other farms. Seeing their diversity in both colors and personalities makes the chicken yard an exciting and social space to hang out in. 

Each chicken has a name and plenty of space to exercise and explore. These animals eat organic food with dietary supplements and lay healthy, beautiful, nutrient-rich eggs. On any given day you'll see them keeping busy searching for bugs, taking dirt baths, and playing on top of one of their many playgrounds. 


Stella & Jupiter

When the Sweet Farm team stopped by a local farm to purchase an old truck, they could never have guessed they’d be leaving their next resident, Stella the sheep. Due to her small stature, she was considered inadequate for her wool or meat and her owner had her planned for slaughter. Not being able to leave her behind, she came home with the truck! Stella is the strong and silent type and especially loves alfalfa leaves and pumpkins from the farm.

Jupiter is a giant Suffolk sheep and was found on the side of the road with no background and no one to claim him. He ended up in the Humane Society system and originally rescued thanks to our friends at Animal Place. He is now a welcomed addition to the Sweet Farm Family along with his best friend, Juno the goat!. They now spend their time playing with each other and making new friends every day. 

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Brownie & Butterscotch

were both rescued from a goat dairy as young babies. A kind family took them in and to raise in their backyard. But when mountain lions moved into the neighborhood and Butterscotch was attacked they were no longer safe. Sweet Farm took both of these boys in and they are the friendliest, most social goats you'll ever meet. We rescued them as a pair and you'll always see them right by each other's side!



During the rough 2016 storm season, we received a frantic call about Sturgis, an older stallion in trouble at a nearby coast-side residence. His pasture was flooded and he was up to his knees in mud and debris. Sturgis was underweight, suffering from an antibiotic-resistant skin infection –resulting in almost 80% hair loss, dental issues, and chronic diarrhea from a GI tract problem. His owner feared her only option was to put him down. Sweet Farm took him in and began the long rehabilitation process. Today Sturgis is a stunning horse with a sleek coat and more energy than one would think a (now) 33-year-old horse would have. He quickly became friends with Gizmo, the steer, and easily accepted Paco, the llama when he joined the farm’s herd.  You will often see these three running through the pastures chasing each other, enjoying the open space and green grass!