We give faces and voices to those who can't speak for themselves.


Some of the Earth's kindest animals are routinely abused and mistreated in order to provide food for the humans of this earth. Sweet Farm's goal is to promote the improved welfare for these animals by creating a positive educational space in which people can learn how they can do their part to help drive long overdue changes to the food system. 


Meet Gizmo, an 18 month old, charming miniature Hereford steer whose best friend happens to be a 33 year old Quarter Horse -Tennessee Walker mixed stallion named Sturgis.  Gizmo arrived at Sweet Farm last spring when his 4-H family realized they couldn’t bear to send this engaging steer to slaughter where he would certainly have experienced fear, trauma and certain death.

Thanks to generous donors Sweet Farm was able to take Gizmo in and provide him with a safe haven to live out his life. Gizmo, along with Sturgis and a herd of goats, now enjoys the freedom to run and play without a care in the world through the fields at Sweet Farm.  With your support Gizmo can continue to be an ambassador for educating the public about the need for reform to the animal welfare policies in the factory farming industry. Your generous gift today will ensure that Gizmo and all the animals that Sweet Farm cares for every day are provided with comfort and nurturing care, food, bedding and veterinary care.

You can make a difference in an animal’s life by supporting the work of Sweet Farm as the staff continues to effect positive changes for farm animal’s lives by educating our community about their humane care and treatment.


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