Be a Hero. Feed the Chickens!

🤖 Weather Advisory - It can get foggy in Half Moon Bay so the robot chicken feeder may go on and offline for just a few minutes at a time!

How does this work? Donate $10 and you can watch our ROBOT CHICKEN FEEDER give our lovely chickens food LIVE.

Wait, a robot chicken feeder? What?!

Chickens in the tech capital of the world should have the very finest in chicken technology. Enter Robot Chicken Feeder. You get to donate money directly to our wonderful rescued animals and enjoy getting to watch happy chickens excitedly gobble down treats…plus you get to see your name up in lights! And at the same time, you get to know that you are directly having an impact on the lives of farmed animals everywhere by helping us further our mission of a kinder, more sustainable world. Just donate a minimum of $10, wait a few minutes (sometimes there can be a delay while your donation goes to space and back down), and sit back and enjoy watching some very happy chickens who will thank you with their scratches!

Got a code? Redeem it below (when feeder is on!)

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Don’t see a video? That means the robot chicken feeder is not currently robotting. Any donation made while offline will result in treats being dispensed when robot wakes up from its robot snooze. The chickens would also like to thank Sean Hodgins for helping create a robot to feed them.

Great Moments in Chicken Feeding History