Humane & Sustainable Coaching

Need a little help making a change to your lifestyle? Want to live in a more humane and sustainable way but don't know where to start? Want to convince a family member that plant-based living is actually quite easy? Schedule some coaching time with Stephanie, aka "Chefanie", and get all the help you need!


Stephanie McGuire

California native, mother to three skateboarding vegan sons, and a relentless voice for the voiceless is known on Sweet Farm simply as, Chefanie. Eleven years and counting as an ethical vegan, Chefanie has spent the last twenty years of her life in the kitchen moving her way up in skill one dish at a time. Her drive to bring awareness to animal cruelty, coupled with her love of growing her own food, sprinkled with her passion to create exciting and unique dishes has inspired countless others to take the leap into a more conscious lifestyle. 

Pricing & Options:

One Hour Consult ($85): Connect via phone, Facetime or Skype and let's chat about the changes you want to make and how to get there! We can remake your favorite dish as vegan or brainstorm easy lunch options for families on the go. 

3 Hour Plant-Based Makeover ($225): We will talk about your goals, walk through your kitchen and pantry, then head to the grocery store to get you the staples you need to live more humanely.

Custom Packages Available. Let's chat about what you need!

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