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Stella was living on a local farm. Because of her small size, the farmer didn't want her anymore as she was too small for either wool or meat. He was planning to butcher her just to get rid of her. The Sweet Farm team had stopped by the farm to purchase an old farm truck and saw Stella. They couldn't leave her behind and brought her to live at Sweet Farm as an Animal Ambassador. At Sweet Farm, everyone thinks Stella is perfect just the way she is!



Hilo was born on a neighboring farm that didn't have room for another male sheep. The Sweet Farm team took him at 4 months old , and he's become an immediate farm favorite. Hilo was named by one of our dedicated Sweet Farm supporters (Thanks Sandra Lawrence!) and is a hair sheep. Hair sheep are normally raised for their meat, and their coats are made of hair instead of wool. Instead of being sheared, their hair naturally falls out. Hilo will spend his days lounging around Sweet Farm and spending time with his sheep and goat friends. 



Jupiter was found on the side of the road and ended up in the Humane Society system. No one knew his background or how he got there, but he needed a safe space. Originally rescued by Animal Place, he came to Sweet Farm with his best friend Juno (the goat) and now the two have many friends to spend the day with. Jupiter is a giant Suffolk sheep (in need of a haircut, in this photo) and is incredibly kind hearted.