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Gizmo, a registered Miniature Hereford Steer, was raised by a local girl in 4-H as an animal projet. Raised by the family from a calf, Gizmo's charming personality grew on them. Instead of sending him to be auctioned for slaughter, his family reached out to Sweet Farm to provide him a loving home. The Sweet Farm community joined together in helping pay off the family's 4-H loan taken out to raise Gizmo. He has since become one of the most popular Sweet Farm Animal Ambassadors and loves to spend his days romping in his large pastures. He's currently working on his running skills, in an attempt to keep up with his best friend Sturgis - our resident elderly Stallion.




Argyle, a Jersey steer, was born on an organic dairy farm. As a male, he wasn't useful in the production of milk and so couldn't stay on the farm. Luckily the farm saw his amazing spirit and kind personality, and contacted Sweet Farm to give him a home. He's already best buddies with Gizmo and is an amazing ambassador for all the other male dairy cows who weren't as lucky.