Your donations go to support our hard working barn cats with food, bedding and regular medical care through-out the year.

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Elsie was relocated to our property with the help of a local feral cat rescue. This lovely, feral tabby girl won't let you pet her, but she loves snuggling with the sheep and taking care of rodents. She's one of the hardest working volunteers on the farm.




Farfield appeared at Sweet Farm earlier this year. The Sweet Farm team was able to trap him, fix him & get him his shots. Since then he's become one of the friendliest cats on the farm. He's most commonly found lounging on the porch, but don't let that fool you - he's a pro when it comes to keeping gophers out of the pastures.


Gretchen came to Sweet Farm from a local cat rescue. She was homeless and living in a local neighborhood where raccoons were often seen chasing her. The Sweet Farm team brought her to the farm where she is happy to oversee any chores being done around the farm. She's our top farm manager!




Jackie was found living the old barn at Sweet Farm. She was very old, and very thin from having to catch all her own meals. We took her to the vet, gave her plenty of food & pets and now this elderly lady can be found lounging in sunny spots around the farm. She still occasionally chases down mice around the barn, but only when she's not busy napping.