We educate and empower people to lead a more humane life that creates a better world for farm animals.


Sweet Farm is a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary and heirloom vegetable farm in Half Moon Bay, CA. Central to our mission is educating and inspiring people with the knowledge needed to live a more humane and sustainable lifestyle. Rescue, rehabilitation, education, and outreach combined with unique animal experiences provide meaningful exposure to the many impacts of our daily choices. In addition to a focus on animal welfare, Sweet Farm is devoted to developing agricultural-based awareness programs to teach our community about the impact of factory farming on plants, specifically the loss of the biodiversity that threatens our food system today.


True Friendship Knows No Shapes, Sizes, or Colors

Meet Gizmo, a charming 18-month-old miniature Hereford steer whose best friend happens to be a 33-year-old Quarter Horse -Tennessee Walker mixed stallion named Sturgis. Gizmo arrived at Sweet Farm when his 4-H family realized they couldn’t bear to send him to slaughter where he'd surely experience fear, trauma and certain death.

Thanks to Sweet Farm donors we were able to adopt Gizmo and provide him with a safe, loving home to live out his days as an Animal Ambassador. As soon as he met Sturgis the two were inseparable. With generous support, this pair plus a llama named Paco and herd of goats get to enjoy green pastures and the freedom to run and play without a care in the world. 

You can help make a difference by supporting the work we do to effect positive change for farm animal’s lives. Your gift will ensure that Gizmo, Sturgis, and all the animals that Sweet Farm cares for are provided with comfort and nurturing care, food, bedding and medical attention every day.