Sweet Farm has three core programs that we focus on as an organization - all of which are aimed furthering our core mission of promoting the humane treatment of animals in the food system. Our focus and funding goes toward the following three key programs.


Farm Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

Sweet Farm is dedicated to the mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and where appropriate, re-homing farm animals who come from various situations with the food system. These animals will serve as Animal Ambassadors to help spread the message that farm animals are unique, caring creatures who deserve humane treatment and respect. Their faces and stories will help educate the public about the lives and experiences of the many animals they represent.

Farm Animal Education

Sweet Farm is focused on development of educational materials that inform our local community and the broader public about issues related to farm animal welfare. These educational programs take many forms, including on-site open houses & events, as well as educational outreach through our website, social media, newsletters and other forms.

Agricultural Education 

Sweet Farm focuses on creating programs to educate our local community and the broader public about the impact of factory farming on the fruits and vegetables we eat, as well as the experience of growing & preserving heritage plants. We believe it's important for people to understand where their food comes from - both plant and animal, in order to make educated decisions about what they choose to eat.