2016 Review & Wrap-Up

This year was a huge one for Sweet Farm! We're so excited about the progress the organization has made and the interest & impact we are starting to see in our local community. Sweet Farm exists solely from the support and dedication of its volunteers, donors and community and we're excited to review with you our progress so far!

  • New Farm Infrastructure to Support Animal Rescue: During 2016, we put serious effort into retrofitting an aging horse farm into a facility that could support the rescue and rehabilitation of different types of farm animals. We replaced over 1.25 miles of fencing and began work to upgrade an existing horse barn into a more appropriate and updated home for the animals. We also added three large mobile chicken coops that will allow us to house up to 100 rescued birds on their 10,000 square foot chicken yard (with three playgrounds).
  • Our First Farm Animal Rescues: During 2016, we rescued an elderly stallion, a 2 year old steer, 3 sheep, 3 goats and 47 chickens. Each one of these rescues was special and important, both because it enabled these animals to live better, healthier lives while ensuring individual care for the animals and responsible stewardship of the land. With the help of our supporters, Sweet Farm is excited to help many more animals in 2017, both directly at Sweet Farm and through a number of sanctuaries in our network.
  • A Growing Community: As of this blog post we have surpassed 25,000 followers on Facebook. This growing community has been us confidence that our message is being heard and that we can have a positive impact with our message. In addition to online, we've made many amazing connections in our local community. Our base of volunteers is actively growing, we've hosted our first open house events & we've given tons of personalized tours to guests - each one helping us connect people to the lives and experiences of farm animals.
  • An Improved Technology Infrastructure: For starters, we launched this new website! With the help of some amazing volunteers we've improved our ability to connect to the larger world through technology which will help us achieve maximum impact in 2017. We're also much more streamlined in our ability to track the progress of our organization.
  • An Incredible Board of Directors: In 2016, Sweet Farm Foundation worked hard to find talented people to join the board of directors and help guide the organization in 2017.  With their wide range of skills and help, along with our wonderful supporters, Sweet Farm is ready to grow and expand its programs and messaging.

We are looking forward to 2017, and we hope you all are too!