Winter Damage to the Sweet Farm Barn

old_barn_2 copy.jpg

This Winter, Northern California has been hit with huge rain storms. These storms have returned much needed water to the area, for which we are all grateful. Unfortunately, the strong winds and blowing rain have damaged our old barn.

The Sweet Farm barn has stood on this property since the 1850s. Its original use was for cattle, when the property was a dairy. Since then, its fallen empty and into disrepair, useful only for basic storage. When we purchased the farm in 2016, we braced the structure in hopes of preserving it. But even with our bracing the recent storms have caused the front corner of the barn to collapse. 

Our goal is to someday soon build a new barn for Sweet Farm, that will serve as the hub for our agriculture programs. In the meantime, we will continue to admire and preserve its beauty as best we can.