A Story of Sweet Farm Love

During the height of the 2016 storm season, a call to Sweet Farm regarding a 32 year old stallion named Sturgis spurred us into action. Along the coast of California, extended rains can often lead to muddy and dangerous conditions. In the case of Sturgis, being a stallion left him with few options with regards to going out into the dry pastures where the mares were kept.

Additionally, rehoming Sturgis to a dedicated equine rescue proved all but impossible as they have limited or no room for Stallions amoung their mares. Sturgis joined Sweet Farm and after a few months of dedicated medical care he's now looking healthier than ever.

A few months later in February of 2016, Sweet Farm became aware of a steer by the name of Gizmo who was raised by a local family as part of the 4-H program. Being a steer, he was destined to a fate of being sold at auction for slaughter. A last ditch effort by the supporters of Sweet Farm raised the funds necessary to spare Gizmo from this ultimate end and bring him to the farm to live out his days.

Since joining Sweet Farm, Gizmo and Sturgis have quickly grown attached to each other as both are large herd animals. Chasing each other around the pastures like a couple of 1000lb puppies, bathing each other, or taking up shelter together on a rainy day are just some of the many ways these two show their interspecies friendship on a daily basis.