Animals in Need

Sweet Farm Foundation is committed to assisting farm animals in need. Even if we are unable to offer them sanctuary at our farm, we strive to help find loving and caring forever homes.  If you have an animal in need of rehoming, email us their story and pictures at and we will share them with our community here.  We always recommend that you check your local ordinances prior to bringing in any new animals to your property.


Cee-Cee and Minx

Minx (the yellow rooster) Cee-Cee are both beautiful Americana roosters who are in need of a good home away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Cee-Cee loves people and we've been told likes to be held and rocked in a rocking chair while Minx follows his human friends around the yard.  They would make a good addition to a loving home either as a pair or separately in a place that allows roosters.  Please contact Nancy at or 650/291-3700.